Marketing / Branding

From a young age, I always had a passion for technology and digital design. Producing creative content has always been a hobby, but a skill which I have been able to utilise in both my employment and voluntary roles.

Here are some examples of my work. If you like my digital designs and would like to hire me for your own project, please contact me to discuss your concepts.

Radio Horton Logo

In 2013, I became a trustee of the local hospital radio station, Radio Horton and had the opportunity to redesign its logo. The team at the time wanted the logo to be in-keeping with its previous logo (which was now looking significantly dated) so I redesigned this, giving the former logo a modern impression.

Banbury Pride Logo

The Banbury Pride logo is something I am quite proud to have designed. The brief was to create something using the LGBT+ colours but also an iconic logo which represented the town’s history and culture. You will see the photographs within the lettering show different scenes from Banbury’s historic cross, to its canals and quaint independent old town quarter. I love seeing this printed onto shirts, banners and posters.

Flyers / Banners / Adverts / Stationary

Over the years I have designed pull up banners, posters, brochures and flyers for a range of organisations and stationary including printed letter heads, business cards, compliment slips, pens and even USB Flash Drives, like the ones pictured below. Many of the graphics designed for the purposes of printed stationary can easily be imported into conventional software such as Microsoft Word or Apple Pages, so there is really no need to spend hours fiddling with your margins!

Digital Media Consulting

The internet plays a hugely important role in today’s society – particularly during times such as presently when we’re being asked to work from home and practice social distancing, the wonders of modern technology enable many businesses to continue operating and for friends and family members to connect from afar.

I am an advocate of using social media, especially to target not only younger audiences, but increasingly our aging population are adapting to new technologies now, too. I manage the Radio Horton social media channels and assist with editing content for pages of the Hospital Broadcasting Association and Banbury Pride. Until recently, I was also involved with producing social media content for the Banbury branch of Guide Dogs for the Blind volunteers.

As part of my various roles, I have hosted presentations on social media mostly aimed at people for whom it is a new world. If you would like any guidance or even an introduction to using social media to promote your organisation, feel free to contact me for some free, friendly advice.

Press Releases

I love drafting publicity material of sorts, but I enjoy spending my time drafting press releases for Radio Horton. My passion for writing started from a young age. During my teenage years, I wrote for an Apple® blog (named Speak Apple) and reviewed new smart phone apps each week.

From the relaunch of our studios, to the heartwarming stories such as launching our care home programme, our festive fundraisers or to the more challenging pieces to write such as the break-in of our outside broadcast vehicles, I love telling stories and creating engaging content. In the past, I have also produced case studies on volunteering and produced copy for other organisations such as Guide Dogs for the Blind’s Banbury volunteering group.

When drafting editorial, particularly for other organisations, I always try to research the topic I am writing about as it is important to be factually accurate where possible, so as not to libel any party involved. In 2015 I undertook some journalism training with Bauer Media which gave me a much greater understanding into drafting copy not only for broadcast, but for print and publication, too.

Over the years, I have built up a diary of local contacts and journalists with whom I circulate stories to for Radio Horton and on occasions approach industry-based magazines or websites with content which may be relevant to their readers. Establishing those relationships is paramount if you want to get your message across to the right audience and today, I’ll find myself having discussions with some local publishers about content or features they could publish for us!

For more information, or if you would like to work with me on your creative copy, please get in touch!